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Client Feedback
"...Our sales increased immediately after just 1 day of training...."
".........the best money we've ever spent on training...."
"...more than doubled our lead generation rates...."
"......tailored to meet the needs of the team, absolutely fantastic!...."
"...Marco exceeded our expectations & requirements...."
".........we have increased sales...."
"...improved productivity and increased sales...."
".....amazingly effective new techniques...."
"...for real businesses and real situations....."
"........The team has gained confidence in handling cold calling...."
"...Highly recommended...."

Double your sales right now! marco 2

( And stop missing out on sales )


Really? Yes. We show most business types how to double, triple and even quadruple their sales very quickly.

How? Put simply, imagine instead of closing 1 out of 5 or 8 or (X) number of opportunities, you or your team now consistently close 2 or more.

That's at least a 100% increase in sales! And that sort of increase in conversion rate, in most cases, is quite easy to achieve.

Now imagine what that means to your organisation, to your bottom line! To your cashflow!

Hello my name is Marco Mattiuzzi and welcome to Sales Training NZ.

Sales Training NZ is one of New Zealands’ top high-performance specialist training practices.

We train business owners and sales people in how to open more doors and convert more opportunities, the way the most successful business people and deal-makers do, not like sales people.

If you need more sales, appointments, opportunities for business, we will help you or your people to achieve that quickly.

And, we guarantee that our training will bring you outstanding success in selling. There are not many training consultancies that will do that.

Why is our training so effective?

Because we don’t just teach you how to sell, we teach you how to do business, there’s a big difference. The conversations are completely different, for a start.

We make our clients successful at finding, engaging and doing business with their new customers. We’ll do the same for you too.

If you’ve had sales training before and not obtained the ongoing success in selling your products or services that you expected, we know why.

You will have success in sales with our training. Read what clients say

You won’t receive “off-the-shelf training” from us. You’ll be given the knowledge and techniques that work in “the real world”.

Knowledge that you’ll be able to use immediately without spending years learning the hard way what really works, and missing out on revenue.

Through our one to one or in-house training, short courses or programmes, you will learn the greatest skill that a business person can possess, the ability to open doors and successfully and professionally present your business proposition to a potential new client or customer.

Anytime, without the need for marketing expenditure.  In business, that’s real power.

Whether you’re a small business owner or running a large organisation we will show you or your people how to open doors to new business professionally, effectively and quickly. And then keep bringing business in.

Below are some of our clients and course attendees. You'll be in good company.

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High-Performance Selling.            High-performance Sales Management.
Customer Service Excellence.       Successful Appointment Setting.

We will also help you to optimise your entire sales function, implement Best Practice methodologies and set systems for continuous improvement. These are essential for consistent high-performance.

Here’s our guarantee again: If you believe that you have not received real value from what we teach you, we’ll tear up your bill.

You have no risk. You can only gain. ..........Read what clients say

That is one of our value propositions to you. What we teach, works.

Contact me now to see how I can help you make a lot more sales in 2018.


Ph: 09 940 33 33

Mob: 021 120 9343

Overseas +64 21 1209343