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Here are some common questions I've received.

Q: What does your consultancy do?

A: I teach people how to make more money by making more sales. I primarily teach business owners and sales people how to do business with people through my workshops, one to one training and / or on-line training.

I help sales managers to get the best performance from their sales teams and I teach customer servces people how to excel at what they do and maximise all opportunities for business.

I also help with sales personnel recruitment and testing, set up sales function Best Practice,  prepare integrated sales and marketing plans or whatever is necessary to help a business increase its sales revenue.

Q What if we are currently using a sales training programme / company?

A.  My clients have found that our training always enhances and complements their existing training programmes. The key measurement with any sales training programme is “Has it significantly increased sales?” I absolutely guarantee ours does. Read what clients say

Q: I’m very good at running my business but I’m not good with sales. I need to make sales in a hurry and I don’t have a big budget. How can you help?

A: I can teach you in just a few short hours how to find and approach new sales opportunities. I’ll teach you what to say and what to do. Every aspect, and I’ll be there beside you to make it happen. Once you realise how easy it is when done properly, and how much more money you’re making, you’ll wish you’d started doing it years ago.

Q : I already bring in quite a bit of business myself through my networking. What can you do for me?

A: I will help you to make more sales. Unless you’re currently selling to everyone you present to, I can help you to realise a much higher success rate with your opportunities.

Q: What makes your training and your workshops more effective than other sales training courses currently available.

A: The main reason is that most sales training teaches people how to sell like sales people. I will teach you how to do business. There is a big difference. Think how you feel every time a sales person phones you or walks in. Your mind is already made up. However, you’ll notice you’re a little better disposed when talking to another business owner.

Q: Are you saying that other sales training is a waste of time?

A: Not at all. I’ve attended lots of sales training courses, events and workshops over the years, I still do, and I’ve usually taken something useful from many of them. The problem is the material hasn’t changed very much in the last 20 years. But people have. Most business people can see a standard closing technique coming and react accordingly.

Q: What if I already have a business coach?

A: That’s fine, sometimes a business coach will ask me to help his or her client with specialist sales training or marketing. My area of expertise is teaching you how to acquire new business, quickly and for a low cost.


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