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What Sales Training NZ Will Do For You


  • Help you to increase your sales very quickly.

  • Increase your salespeoples appointment hit-rates and conversion ratios.

  • Make your Sales Management function much more effective and help you to implement Best-Practice.

  • Make your Customer Service function much more sales-effective.

  • Value Proposition Development / making your Marketing more persuasive.

I specialise in high performance sales training primarily for business owners and sales teams, delivered in-house, workshops, custom programmes,seminars, short courses and e-learning.

I generally work alone however, there are times when I will introduce colleagues with expertise in different functional areas such as Accounting and Finance, Operations, Human Resources or I.T. because sometimes the requirement is bigger than just increasing sales revenue alone.

Having said that, in almost every case an increase in sales revenue alleviates a great many problems immediately and buys time to put right other areas of where performance is to be improved.

My one to one sales training and my workshops are designed to increase sales quickly. You will learn what to do and what to say when talking to prospective customers or clients and why.

Whether you are currently involved in selling your products or services and want to increase the percentage of sales you’re making, whether you’d like to increase your sales peoples appointments and sales numbers or whether you’ve decided that it’s time you took action yourself and made things happen, I can help you quickly and easily.

For many business owners, as little as 15 minutes per day spent generating new business has dramatic positive results.

Even 15 minutes are effective because it is a cumulative process. Once you learn the correct and easy way, like my clients you’ll wish you’d taken action years ago. Even a 10 percent increase in conversion rates continually over time adds up. In most cases, it's really not that difficult to literally double your current sales numbers fairly quickly.

In just 1 day I will show you or your team how to increase your leads, conversions and sales significantly.

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Why deprive yourself of this extra revenue? Ask me what I might be able to do for your business, you really do have nothing to lose. I guarantee that my clients receive value and are satisfied that their objectives are achieved or there’s no charge.

Contact me now to see how I can help you make a lot more sales in 2017.


Ph: 09 940 33 33

Mob: 021 120 9343.

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