Sales Management Essential Techniques.

Get more sales from your salespeople. Duration: 1 Day Short Course.

Getting the best possible performance from sales people takes years of on-the-job experience.
This workshop will give you the essential step-by-step instruction and methodologies used by top performing sales managers running top performing teams.

This workshop is the result of over 20 year’s experience successfully running sales teams and working with the very best sales managers in New Zealand. This is not off-the-shelf material and has been consistently proven to help sales managers get better results from their people.

Imagine having the best sales managers in the business teach you the most important techniques and elements that you can use immediately to increase the performance of your sales team.

If you are managing sales people you need to attend this workshop. You’ll learn:

  • How to function like an effective and successful sales manager and sales driver rather than as a senior sales administrator.

  • How to get better results from your sales team immediately, and how to set up and implement processes to turn your sales people into consistently high-performing achievers.

  • How to avoid the traps that over 90% of sales managers fall into which result in low performing sales people.

  • How to have your sales people assume responsibility for their performance on a daily basis and commit to consistent improvement.

  • How to establish a culture of excellence throughout your organisations sales function as well as its marketing and customer service functions.

  • How to provide support to your sales people and maintain high morale.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to get more sales from your sales people.