How To Succeed In Sales Without Cold Calling?

Generating sales leads is the foundation of successful selling. If you don’t have enough sales opportunities you simply will not make enough sales. Will you be dependent on cold calling to make most of your sales? If you don’t have a big enough advertising budget you’ll probably see no other way.

The bad news is that unless you know the only way that works, cold calling is much more difficult today than it was a few years ago. Today’s successful companies set up systems and processes that generate high numbers of sales leads with less cold calling or spending large amounts of money on advertising. Whether your business is large or small you can use the same techniques to continually generate inquiries for your business, and all for very little cost.

This workshop will teach you:

• How to get your message out to your market without a big advertising budget.

• How to use email to generate leads.

• How to create a referral system that actually works.

• How to find and leverage centres of influence.

• How to attract lots of interest to your website.

• How to set up your networking system so leads will come to you.

• How to set up your blogging so as to attract willing buyers to your business.

• How to create and maintain successful newsletters that are happily received and read.