Training with Sales Training NZ

Conventional sales training stopped being effective quite some years ago.

The reason for this is that people have become more aware and more sophisticated. Prospects / potential clients now find the usual approaches, cold calling and closing techniques irritating.

Today unfortunately, most sales courses and sales trainers still teach “selling” instead of “how to do business”.

Sales Training NZ is one of New Zealands’ top high-performance training practices and specialises in training business owners and sales people how to sell like business people instead of like sales people.

Put simply, this means you or your team will make more sales, faster and more easily, Guaranteed!

Sales Training NZ also specialises in showing Sales Managers how to get much higher performance and better results from their sales people as well as Customer Service Excellence.

Some of my clients prefer to be trained at their premises.

So that’s what I do. I deliver specifically tailored training, develop approaches, scripts, marketing material, whatever is required to help my client make more sales.

This is not a “drag out” process to accumulate billable hours, that’s not how I work.

It’s much more valuable to me to have happy clients who’ll recommend me than to squeeze out a few more chargeable hours.

Some of my clients tell me they’ve spent many thousands of dollars on “sales training” and they’re annoyed because they know they’re still “coming across salespeople“.