Successful, Stress Free Cold Calling and Appointment Setting.

Cold calling to get appointments can be soul destroying for many people.

This workshop will make you very good at cold calling and getting appointments with high-level decision makers as well as getting past keepers, quickly and elegantly.

If you do nothing else but double your appointment setting rate you’ve literally doubled your sales, which means, you’ve doubled your money.

This is how easy that can be: My client makes say, 6 calls to get 1 appointment. With my help they now make 6 calls and get 2 appointments. That’s doubling their appointments, and if they do everything else the same as always, they’ve doubled their income.

You can easily succeed with cold calling and getting appointments if you use the right structure and the right language.

This methodology has been proven to consistently increase call to appointment rates, whatever the industry.

I’ll work with you or your people to develop the structure that works for your business. I’ll show you how to approach new business as a business person not as a salesperson, how business people do it, how to plan, what to say and why. This is not basic cold calling training.

This has been absolute magic for my clients who needed to get in front of new business opportunities. This is an excerpt from a client testimonial:

“we more than doubled our lead generation rates….” 

Don’t waste calls to get “no thanks”? Think about how much money you’re currently missing out on because you can’t get in front of people. I can easily help you with that..

The methodology you’ll learn in this workshop is extremely powerful and is used by successful business owners and high-end sales professionals to open doors to new business quickly, easily, painlessly and with integrity.