Not Only For Sales People

I don’t just work with sales people but also anyone who needs to bring in business quickly and not blow opportunities.

These days only about half of my clients are sales teams.The rest are business owners, consultants, IT people, engineers etc who’ve been told by upstairs “guys times have changed we need you to go get business instead of just waiting for the phone to ring or for RFPs,”.

And the last thing they want is to be turned into sales people. That would never work for them, the very idea turns them to stone. But they do like finding the business person in themselves. That works for them and they feel good about approaching potential new business because I’ve shown them how to do it credibly, effectively and elegantly.

Where there is a possibility of a genuine fit, they generally win the business. Where there’s no realistic fit then they come away feeling good because there was a valid reason why it couldn’t happen, and also, because they’d been taken seriously.

How much money are you missing out on through lost sales opportunities? What I teach works for my clients and it will work for you too.