Why is this training so effective?

  1. Because you won’t just learn how to sell, you’ll learn how to do business, there’s a big difference in thinking. The conversations are completely different, for a start.

  2. It’s developed specifically for your particular business and the business you’re going after. Language specific to your interactions, that’s the key. It is not off-the-shelf material. That stuff looks and sounds like it makes sense, but it doesn’t actually work well, and for good reason.

  3. It’s a totally unique, proprietary methodology developed personally by me from years of dealing with some of the best business people in the country. There is no other training like this and it’s not available anywhere else.

  4. You’ll be given the knowledge, methodologies and techniques that work in “the real world” to increase sales numbers quickly.

  5. Tried and proven successfully by real NZ businesses from very large to very small, from many industry types. More sales, more appointments, more revenue. Simple as that!

  6. I do a great deal of preparation with my clients prior to the training to enable me to tailor the training specifically for their engagements and interactions.

  7. I’m not just a trainer or facilitator, I’ve been very successfully hunting and selling for over 30 years and I’ll pass on only what will work for you in your in real-life situations. From high-end, big ticket, complex sales engagements to small stuff I’ll show you from lessons learnt how to make a lot more sales and your life much easier.